Drone or Google Earth?

Scene with UAV


A drone is perfect for low altitude aerial images and video. Unlike Google Earth imagery, flight data-videos and images prepared by ACRS includes the date and time of the image. Also, any digital manipulation is documented.

Google Earth- same location


This is the picture on the left at Google Earth Altitude. The program can only go so low before switching to street view. Google Earth and Google Street view are amazing tools that make exploring the world a little easier. However, Google Earth and Google Street view were not developed to explore geographical content. Therefore, Google Earth does not shoot property at a correct angle. As a result, the vertical versus oblique angle offers more point of view information.  

Capture realistic images


Images captured by a UAV offers much more than a view. They provide an overall feel of a location and are timely.   Unlike Google Earth, with ACRS you will know when your images-video was captured as well as how the images are processed and stored.

Google Earth-same location



The aerial photography drones employed by ACRS  have high definition cameras with wide-angle lenses and are designed for professional photography. A professional always chooses the correct tools. Drones offer a bird’s eye view, not an astronaut’s view.